Tollgate Primary School

      A Brighter Future

      Meet the Staff

      We currently have a staff of 36 teachers, 94 support staff including teaching assistants, specialist and leading teachers, plus admin and other support staff personnel.
      This means our current staff covers a wealth of knowledge and experience from new teaching assistants and teachers to those with experience in this school and others. This brings a vibrancy and energy to the team at Tollgate where the children's progress is paramount. We also have a staff which represents a wide range of cultural backgrounds with many staff speaking more than one language.
      All staff has regular continuing professional development support and both in house and external CPD are a key part of this. INSETs in the past have included; Numeracy and Literacy workshops, planning and assessment days, ICT training, positive handling and many more.

      Staffing Profile for 2018 - 2019